Meet Faith Nduku Tony: A Dedicated SOLARKIOSK Operator

SOLARKIOSK provides clean energy services, quality consumer goods, and sustainable solutions to Base-of-the-Pyramids (BoP) communities across East Africa, matching a smart solar-powered technology design with an inclusive business model.

Their innovative E-HUBB energy center provides energy services, solar lamps, solar home systems and other sustainable products to BoP communities with limited to no access to electricity, in turn creating business opportunities, boosting employment, and strengthening the local economy.

Today we learn more about one of the great individuals whose professionalism and drive makes SOLARKIOSK what it is today.

Meet Faith, who operates a SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB at Kasikeu in Makueni county, Kenya. Her dedication and hard work enables the kiosk to sell a variety of solar products monthly – from small solar torches to solar home systems. This means that every month, more families across Makueni get access to clean, sustainable energy and better productivity, health and safety.

Faith Nduku Tony carrying out her daily duties as an E-HUBB operator. Image| SOLARKIOSK


“Although there were challenges of adapting into a new work environment and balancing work-family duties, I have grown through the challenges to be a very successful woman. Thanks to SOLARKIOSK, I am able to raise my child as a single mother, taking him to private school and am very proud to say that I pay my brother’s high school fees, who just completed his KCSE education this year. Among the milestones I have made, is being well equipped in terms [of] entrepreneurial skills. Despite my lack of [a] strong educational or business background, through a series of training’s at SOLARKIOSK, I have advanced these skills.”

– Faith Nduku Tony, Kiosk Operator in Kenya


We acknowledge SOLARKIOSK who first published this story.

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