wPOWER partners are committed to accelerating access to clean energy to improve the health and livelihood of more than the 1.3 billion people world-wide who lack access to electricity. They are drawn from across the clean cooking, lighting and heating energy value chains.

The wPOWER Partnership is based on the following principles:

  • Common interest in the overall goals of developing women entrepreneurs in clean energy to address energy poverty and climate change
  • Recognition of the long term benefits and value add in working jointly with a partner to achieve specific outcomes
  • Single mindedness of purpose, bearing in mind the comparative advantages of the partners involved
  • Formal engagement through an expression of interest followed by a Memorandum of Understanding

Partner Benefits

Access the best evidence

Learn from the wPOWER research, experiences and training-focused toolkits that make the case for women in clean energy entrepreneurship available on the website. Get the first look at toolkits, reports, and other resources.

Access to best practices

Get practical solutions from members to examine what has worked and the reasons for success or failure.

Convene with other members

Be part of an enabling ecosystem. Participate in conferences, and workshops in collaboration with partners. Be introduced to donors, partners, media, and other connections, as appropriate.

Increase visibility

Be featured in our online partner directory and promoted on wPOWER website and social media channels. Partner Spotlight

wPOWER Partnership Profiles

We are seeking to have the following partners join us.

Technology Partners

These partners are involved in the design and production of clean cooking, lighting and heating technologies

Implementation Partners

These partners are at the forefront of engaging women in clean energy adoption

Advocacy Partners

These partners play a role in advocacy. They influence or decide on policy and broad-based operational mechanisms and directions. These include governments and diplomatic institutions.

Donor Partners

These partners include donors, banks, granting bodies and mircofinance institutions committed to provide funding to enable faster adoption of clean energy technologies.

Research Partners

These partners help us build the best evidence that highlights the fact that involving women in entrepreneurship is good business.

Entrepreneurship Partners

These partners provide coaching and mentorship to entrepreneurs already trained by wPOWER implementing partners.

Partner Responsibilities

Sharing a vision of having women involved at the centre of each point within the value chain, members are willing to share their experiences with each other to make progress on the shift to universal energy access. wPOWER partners work to enable 8,000 women entrepreneurs to provide access to 3.5 million people globally. The wPOWER Partnership supports members by providing information about creating the evidence base that makes the case for women in the space; sharing best practices and advocating for members as a whole.
If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together” we need to go far quickly!
African proverb