Empower Generation and Pollinate Energy unite to enhance livelihoods opportunities for marginalized communities

Empower Generation (Ashden Winner 2017)  is merging with Australia-India enterprise Pollinate Energy (UN Momentum for Change winner and DRK Fellow) to establish sales and distribution businesses that serve the most marginalized communities, delivering life-improving products and providing meaningful income to people living in poverty in India and Nepal.

They’ve already combined and restructured their governance, leadership, philanthropy, and operations teams and designed a combined strategic plan with exciting, concrete goals. Here’s what they will achieve by 2020:

  • Recruit, train, and support over 1,000 women to join their inclusive distribution network, earn significant income, be promoted to leadership positions, gain power and status in their household and community, and become positive role models for their children.
  • Positively impact 1 million+ people with life-changing products and services.
  • Increase rate of reach to 4,000+ families per month.

The products distributed address climate change and human rights issues around poverty. They are distributed through a unique network of local entrepreneurs – a predominately woman-led salesforce – who either own their own franchise or are gainfully employed. Entrepreneurs are empowered with the skills and knowledge necessary to sell and service life-improving products on affordable payment plans that particularly impact women and children’s quality of life in ultra-poor communities. Women in the network earn significant incomes and are promoted to positions of leadership within the distribution network. They also gain power and status in their household and community, get elected to public office, leverage the sales skills they learn in other ventures and become positive role models for their daughters.

Together these organisations have already empowered over 500 women through training and job opportunities, and reached nearly 0.5 million people with their life-changing products. By joining forces, Pollinate Energy and Empower Generation are ensuring that the future is bright for women and families in the most marginalized communities.