Partner Spotlight: Barefoot Power

Barefoot Power, headquartered in Australia, works on designing, manufacturing and distributing solar lighting systems and small home appliances, to markets in Africa, India, Asia, Papua New Guinea and the Americas.

According to the Africa Progress Report 2015“138 million households comprising people living on less than US$2.50 a day are spending US$10 billion annually on energy-related products, such as charcoal, candles, kerosene and firewood…a woman living in a village in northern Nigeria spends around 60 to 80 times per unit more for her energy than a resident of New York City or London.”

With a focus on affordability, quality, durability, and variety, Barefoot Power is working to reduce the gap for dependence on inefficient, harmful, and expensive sources of energy.

With the increasing demand for affordable and quality lighting products, the response from clean energy technology manufacturers and suppliers remains critical in the efforts to establish self-reliance across off-grid communities. This is where the quality of Barefoot Power’s installation packages, after-sales service, and maintenance program shines, ensuring that each customer derives maximum value for money, in turn building consumer confidence in solar technology as a lighting option.

Additionally, as acceptance and adoption of solar products increases, Barefoot Power has begun serving the larger off-grid market with lifestyle appliances, including solar TV’s, radios, fans and fridges.

“With the Solar TV, we can now catch up on our favourite TV programs and get our money’s worth. Since we subscribe to pay TV, we used to get only about 2 weeks’ worth of programming. Now our watching experience goes uninterrupted. My children enjoyed their school holidays this time round because there was constant power and they could watch TV whenever they liked.”- Mrs. Beatrice (customer of Barefoot Power in Uganda)

Barefoot Power has also created a distribution model that guarantees convenient access to energy products, through collaboration with microfinance banks, non-governmental organizations, and local retail shops.

In particular, the Barefoot Power Uganda partnership with the Lutheran World Federation is supplying solar lighting and accessories under the EU-funded Teko-Wa project to four districts in Northern Uganda, namely Agago, Pader, Kitgum and Lamwo over a 24-month period. This is set to benefit 350,000 Ugandans through 70,000 solar systems. Read the full story here.