Partner Spotlight: Global Development Incubator (GDI)

The Global Development Incubator (GDI) is a not-for-profit organization that builds start-ups, incubates partnerships, and strengthens existing organizations for social impact around the world.

GDI believes in breaking down silos, working across issues from agriculture to health to finance, and everywhere in between. Different from a typical consulting firm, GDI plays a mix of the strategist and implementer role to build new organizations and partnerships over 2-3 years, and also works closely with growth-stage non-profits to develop and prioritize pathways to scaled impact once they have proven their model.

GDI is currently collaborating with wPOWER to provide strategic and implementation support as the organization builds an effective partnership to promote the central role of women in clean energy entrepreneurship. “Through our collaboration with wPOWER we are really hoping to reshape the narrative around women’s entrepreneurship in clean energy,” says GDI Director Alice Gugelev. “We’re incredibly excited about wPOWER’s potential for impact, as this could mean creating an ecosystem of women clean energy entrepreneurs who are not just operating as providers at the last mile but rather as leaders across the entire value chain.”

Over the past few years, GDI has collaborated with several individual organizations at key inflection points to build their scaling impact strategies. Recent partners include SEEP, a global network of development organizations dedicated to combating poverty through promoting inclusive markets and financial systems; Digital Divide Data, a technology social enterprise that partners with corporations to train and employ youth; and Trickle Up, an international NGO working to graduate marginalized populations from ultra-poverty.

Photo Credit: GDI

GDI has also designed, built, and scaled new multi-stakeholder initiatives that drive systems change, such as the Platform for Economic Inclusion, a global community of practice building livelihoods and ladders to employment for the poor; ANDE, a network for development entrepreneurs; cities RISE, a global partnership for mental health innovations in cities; and Tendrel, a multi-stakeholder initiative for social entrepreneurs driving systems change in local, regional, and global markets.

Grounded in their experience, GDI has also published important thought leadership to push the global development sector forward, including “What’s Your Endgame?,” an acclaimed 2015 Stanford Social Innovation Review feature, and “More than the Sum of its Parts,” a 2016 study applying a discipline to building multi-stakeholder initiatives to drive collective action.

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