Partner Spotlight: LivelyHoods

LivelyHoods, is creating livelihood opportunities for youth and women in urban, low income environments through training and employment opportunities to distribute environmentally friendly and socially transformative products in their own communities.
The LivelyHoods model responds to the critical issue of youth unemployment which affects women disproportionately and is a global issue. With growing populations and strained economies, the problem is only becoming worse. In Eastern Nairobi, low income informal settlements, youth aged 30 years and under constitute 75% of the population. Arguably, these youths form the largest human resource. It is also true, however, that many of them who can be productive members of society remain economically unengaged.

“We believe in the power of young people to change their own lives as well as the fabric of their communities. What’s missing now is opportunities for youth and women to help themselves- and that’s exactly what we want to provide.”

– Tania Laden, Executive Director and Co-founder, LivelyHoods

Through LivelyHoods, youth are trained in entrepreneurial skills, as well as sales, marketing, and professional development. They are equipped to sell clean energy technologies, including fuel efficient cookstoves, solar lamps, and other products, to their fellow slum residents. The products sold save consumers money, and improve the health, education and environments of families in slum communities. To date 18,000 products have been sold. All the products sold are vetted for their suitability, first by the LivelyHoods staff, and then naturally by potential customers who now have a choice in energy access.

So far, the project has provided training for more than 2,500 youth and women across Nairobi, Mombasa, and now central and western Kenya. The initiative offers great potential for enabling communities to maintain a sustainable environment through clean energy.

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