Partner Spotlight: Pamoja Life

1.3 billion people globally live off-grid and rely on expensive, unhealthy, and inefficient kerosene lanterns and candles for light.

In Kenya, 76% of the population relies on traditional biomass for cooking, with detrimental effects to their health (an estimated 15,000 deaths are linked to indoor air pollution), the environment, and women’s well-being.

Energy access and efficiency have the potential to help address these challenges.

Pamoja Life is a social enterprise that works with local communities to provide a range of life changing technologies, including quality cooking and lighting solutions to households across East Africa.

To reach the households that need these technologies the most, Pamoja Life has recruited from the local community a network of ‘Rafikis’ meaning ‘Friends’ in Swahili, to act as sales agents. Pamoja Life is particularly passionate about the employment of women within this role.

To make their life changing products and services affordable and accessible to all homes, Pamoja Life has cultivated relationships with organizations and institutions (e.g. Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Cooperatives) that offer financial services.

As of today, they have a strong network of over 800 SACCO’s (Savings and Credit Cooperation Organizations) in Kenya, to which they provide funds so that members can access affordable loans to purchase renewable energy products.

Additionally, Pamoja Life provides direct financing to self-help groups, allowing members immediate access to solar and cookstove products which they pay back on a weekly basis, in a pay-as-you-go plan.

This innovative grassroots sales, distribution and financing initiative stimulates investments in energy efficiency to maximize a wide array of health, economic, environmental, and societal benefits, while curbing harmful pollution that threatens the health and livelihoods of women and children.

Investment in clean energy benefits everyone!

“The work of wPOWER partner Pamoja Life, to increase affordable energy for the low-income communities, is critically important” said wPOWER Senior Partnership Advisor, Advocacy and Strategy, Wanjira Mathai. “Access to reliable, affordable energy serves to improve quality of life and access to economic opportunity.”