Partner Spotlight: Pawame

Pawame is an off-grid energy services provider founded in 2016, which directly provides clean and affordable energy to off-grid households in Kenya. The Nairobi-based company also develops and innovates software and hardware that drives mobile payment integration, content provision and data collection and analytics with a commitment to becoming the market leader in this field.

The World Energy Outlook 2016 Electricity Database states that over 630 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity, and with the staggering cost of grid connection in rural communities, low-income consumers are left with few viable energy options.

With this in mind, Pawame has a purpose to “use technology to dramatically improve the lives of off-grid communities and make a meaningful contribution to global poverty alleviation.” Their innovative and affordable business model allows families to pay for their solar home systems, lights, radio, and TV through a monthly subscription that runs on existing mobile money platforms. This financial inclusion means that household will be able to access to energy, even when they don’t have the total upfront fee.

“We want to embrace use of natural resources like solar and we are very happy that you – Pawame – can exploit and make use of solar power which is going to waste”

Solomon – School teacher in Kisumu, Kenya

Pawame’s 3 year Impact Plan aims to:

  1. Expand energy access to 200,000 people, leading to social and economic growth.
  2. Replace kerosene use with solar power for improved health benefits and 12,000 ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  3. Promote education by dramatically increasing the number of hours available for communication and study.
  4. Encourage job and wealth creation within communities, while also creating 500 jobs directly.
  5. Enhance the local business environment through expanded mobile money use, with positive impacts on accountability, financial availability, and fraud risk.
  6. Increase the range of products and services available to include internet, school, refrigeration, and agricultural loans.

To ensure the development of off-grid Sub-Saharan communities, affordable and high quality energy needs to be accessible, and that is exactly what Pawame is doing.