Partner Spotlight: Power for All

Power for All is a global coalition of more than 200 organizations (business and finance, civil society, academic and public sector) campaigning to deliver universal electricity access before 2025 through the power of decentralized, renewable energy (DRE).

More than 1 billion people lack access to reliable electricity, a majority of whom live in rural and remote areas. The businesses and public services (i.e. health clinics and schools) that support these people also lack power, hindering socio-economic development. Connecting all these communities to the grid will take too long and cost too much. Power for All is working on this challenge in three ways:

  1. Advocacy

A social profit organization, Power for All advocates for distributed renewables as the fastest, most cost-effective and sustainable approach to ending energy poverty and enabling economic development for the unelectrified. Its goal is to radically accelerate deployment of decentralized solutions. To achieve this, Power for All works with the public and private sector to:

  • Make distributed renewables a pillar of energy policy, by removing growth barriers (i.e. duties and value-added taxes) and through inclusion in national electrification plans.
  • Mobilize capital for the entire distributed renewables value chain.
  • Direct funds towards sustainable market-building and demand creation that directly engages the energy impoverished in creating their own energy.
  • Drive higher quality products and services, expanding the range of efficient appliances while making energy access more affordable.
  • Promote choice of renewable, distributed, democratized power, thereby growing legitimacy for the sector.
  1. Market Activation

Power for All carries out country-level campaigns (currently in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and India) that build powerful coalitions of government, business and civil society to champion the reforms needed to accelerate distributed renewable market growth. As part of these campaigns, Power for All uses a multi-stakeholder approach — called Target, Task and Transform (TTT) — to support national governments in setting targets for rural electrification, strengthen renewable energy industry associations, enhance collaboration, create consumer energy-literacy and demand, and work with the local media — helping everyone play their role in achieving universal energy access by 2025.

The campaign’s market activation work has become highly regarded: it was a finalist for the 2018 Ashden Award’s Energy Access Frontiers category, and was recognized at the 2018 World Future Energy Summit as a “Best Practice for Scaling Solar Markets”.

  1. Knowledge Hub

Power for All has a knowledge platform, generating and disseminating infographics, factsheets, research summaries and reports on decentralized energy, with the aim of building support and awareness in this area. In partnership with a number of academic institutions, including Strathmore University and the Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at the University of California, Berkeley, Power for All is building the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK). PEAK is an interactive information exchange platform designed to help aggregate and curate the best research and information on energy access into compelling data-driven knowledge products. The goal of PEAK is to ensure maximum visibility and usability of resource information by individuals, organizations and communities working to make energy services accessible to all.

Power for All believes that access to energy is fundamental to human and economic development and that’s why they work hand in hand with the public and private sector to advocate, educate and build capacity, as well as generate and disseminate information on decentralized renewables. If you’re interested in joining the campaign, visit

Image is credited to FRES.