Partner Spotlight: SOLARKIOSK

Lack of access to energy curtails community development and economic growth.  Unfortunately, cost remains the biggest barrier to traditional grid infrastructure in rural communities, as a majority of households are unable to afford the expenses of connecting to the grid and paying monthly electricity bills.

SOLARKIOSK provides clean energy services, quality consumer goods, and sustainable solutions to Base-of-the-Pyramids (BoP) communities across East Africa, matching a smart solar-powered technology design with an inclusive business model.

Their innovative E-HUBB energy center provides energy services, solar lamps, solar home systems and other sustainable products to BoP communities with limited to no access to electricity, in turn creating business opportunities, boosting employment, and strengthening the local economy.

“Oloolongoi is a very closed community. The E-HUBB has been something new for all of us and learning about the variety of the solar products and sustainable cookstoves has been very informative. We all want to work to put this knowledge to use for us and our families.”

Mildred Komon Tinvo, SOLARKIOSK operator in Oloolongoi, Narok North Sub-County, Kenya

A very innovative aspect of the E-HUBB is its capability to evolve and adapt to meet the service demands of the local community, from a simple hair salon, restaurant, bike workshop or convenience store to more complex systems, such as bank, internet service provider, water purification, pharmacy, or even a movie theatre.

In fact, more units can easily be connected and enhanced to accommodate and power a school, police station, health center, marketplace, assembly hall, or a communication hub to name just a few options, all while collecting energy usage and financial performance data, which could help optimize performance.

To date, SOLARKIOSK has established 200 E-HUBBs in 11 countries. With its own E-HUBB network, SOLARKIOSK sustainably delivered around 20M goods, boasting c.a 500,000 kWh energy production per year and saving 1,500 tons of CO2 annually. SOLARKIOSK empowers 220 women as E-HUBB operators, and impact with its activities overall 5 million people.

Providing clean and affordable energy access to a community stimulates and grows the economy, allowing for development, employment, information distribution, and rapid energy adoption. Investment in this area is crucial!