Partner Spotlight: Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd (SEKL)

Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd (SEKL) provides clean and reliable on and off grid energy solutions, on grid division supplies and installs voltage protection range including voltage switchers, stabilizers, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The Sollatek Solar Division supplies complete turnkey solar systems and ancillary equipment including solar energy systems, solar modules, charge controllers, batteries, solar home systems and portable lanterns.

Globally, 1.2 billion people lack access to electricity and this number is magnified when people connected to poor supply in addition are accounted for. SEKL focuses on filling this energy demand through ensuring the delivery of energy in a consistent and controlled manner and providing access to renewable energy sources where the grid is lacking. Through this, they are able to provide accessible clean reliable power solutions to help achieve energy access for all.

SEKL has been in operation since 1985 as the sole authorized agent for Sollatek products and the owner of the Sollatek franchise in East Africa. With their Head Office in Mombasa, SEKL runs a sister operation in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. SEKL operates as a wholesale and last mile distribution outfit, selling their products through a region wide network of distributors while providing comprehensive after sales care and hassle free warranty services on all their products.

In 2013 and 2015, SEKL was named one of Kenya’s Top 100 Mid-Size  companies in East Africa by KPMG Kenya.

SEKL has completed a variety of solar projects all over East Africa. They have worked with Coca Cola, World Vision, Haller Foundation, World Food Program and Kenya Red Cross. Recently SEKL completed installation of 11 solar systems for primary schools in Tana River County as part of the Kenya Rural Electrification Program. For over 5 years, SEKL has been successfully overseeing the distribution and sales of affordable solar lanterns and solar home systems in Kenya.

Sollatek Distributor, Mombasa Solar’s shop manager Mark Tunje explaining why solar lanterns sales are helping small businesses in Kenya

SEKL won the USADF Power Africa Off-Grid Challenge of 100,000 USD for Sollatek Solar Centers, which helped them pursue their goal of providing energy access for all.  SEKL has installed 15 income generating solar centers to run cold storage facilities and lighting for fishing coops along the Kenyan Coast. This project was a finalist in the African Innovation Awards 2015.  SEKL was also awarded a grant from Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) for setting up a solar entrepreneur network across Kenya to encourage last mile sales and distribution of portable solar lanterns and solar home systems.

Encouraging women entrepreneurs was not originally highlighted in the Sollatek Entrepreneur network project plans, but supporting women on every level of sales operations turned out to be a major factor of success. Overtime, as women entrepreneurs proved their capability and sales skills, the network grew to be almost 50% female based with at least one of the top 3 performers in monthly sales being a woman.

SEKL’s product line includes:

  1. Voltage Protection, which prevents damage to electrical and electronic equipment/appliances as a result of voltage fluctuations, power spikes, and surges.
  2. Solar Products and Systems which capture the power of the sun, including but not limited to pumps, modules, lights and appliances
  3. Voltage Optimization and LED Lighting.


  • Over 650,000 portable solar lantern and solar home systems sold into East Africa over the last 6 years
  • 8 million people have access to clean safe energy due to Sollatek’s efforts
  • Over 100,000 lanterns sold thought our Solar Entrepreneur network
  • 50% of Solar Entrepreneur network are women
  • 500,000 power protection devices sold for power reliability and protection over the past 6 years

SEKL continues to not only solve the energy demand issue but also provide solutions to poor energy supply while ensuring that new energy services are both efficient and stable.