Partner Spotlight: World Energy Council- Kenya Member Committee

WEC formerly known as World Power Conference is the largest global network of energy leaders and practitioners dedicated to delivering a sustainable energy system for the greatest benefit of all. Founded in 1923, the Council is an UN-accredited global energy body, with more than 3000 member organizations and nearly 100 member committees. Among these committees is the Kenya Member Committee, which aims to bring together multiple stakeholders in the energy sector with the aim of promoting sustainable energy systems.

Some of its achievements include convening an energy debate to discuss electricity demand and supply in Kenya. It has also generated data, which was used to produce an issues monitor and a trilemma study, which gave a picture of the energy sector in Kenya from the perspective of specialists in the country. Going forward, the organization intends to launch the World Energy Academy in Kenya. This Academy will be used to train professionals on relevant issues in the global and national energy sector to enable them to make informed decisions.

Linda Davis, PhD, Director of Strategic Partnerships at wPOWER Hub, is a Board Member at WEC – Kenya Member Committee, representing Women, Energy and Sustainable Development. ”We are excited about this collaboration and to be a part of the WEC – Kenya Member Committee and contribute to its mission”, says Linda.

The Kenya Member Committee is committed to providing a forum for stakeholders within the energy sector to interact and generate solutions that will positively impact commercial, industrial and domestic sectors of the country.