wPOWER Media Campaign

Building Evidence, Sharing Best Practice, Advocacy and Lessons learned from the wPOWER Partnership

The Partnership on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Renewables (wPOWER) will be conducting a public awareness media campaign on four themes:

  • Building Evidence on the essential measures required to accelerate women’s engagement in the clean energy sector,
  • Sharing Best Practice that underscore success in the clean energy sector,
  • Advocacy Communication on clean energy in Kenya, and
  • Lessons learned from the wPOWER Partnership.

The wPOWER campaign will run for four months beginning February 2018 – May 2018, during the last week of each month and will entail dissemination of wPOWER key messages under each of the above-mentioned themes. The campaign will be implemented through the use of social media (Facebook and Twitter), newspaper, blogs and TV platforms. There will also be a media launch event in July 2018.

The campaign will create a platform for the wPOWER partnership to share knowledge and exchange information with partners and like – minded organizations on the critical role that women play in clean energy entrepreneurship.

The main objectives of the campaign are to:

  • Replicate and scale the most effective approaches in the women’s clean energy entrepreneurship sector.
  • Increase prioritization, support and understanding of women’s energy entrepreneurship.

The wPOWER media campaign is set to provide an interactive space and share key messages on evidence based best practice in clean energy, and lessons learned from the wPOWER Partnership.

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