wPOWER Partnership

We envision a vibrant community that elevates the role of women in increasing clean energy access in the areas of clean cooking, lighting and heating globally. Partners also collaborate to build compelling evidence, share best practices, and to advocate for the sector.

Partners of the wPOWER Hub are drawn from across the clean cooking, lighting and heating energy value chain from technology designers, manufacturers, distributors, implementers, donors, humanitarians, multilateral organizations, civil society and researchers. The partners are committed to accelerating access to clean energy to improve the health and livelihood of more than 1.3 billion people worldwide who lack access to electricity.

Sharing a vision of having women involved at the centre of each point within the value chain, members are willing to share their experiences with each other to make progress on the shift to universal energy access.

wPOWER partners work to enable 8,000 women entrepreneurs to provide access to 3.5 million people globally.

The wPOWER Partnership supports members by providing information about creating the evidence base that makes the case for women in the space, sharing best practices and advocating for members as a whole.

wPOWER partners benefit from the knowledge, sound practices and lessons learned from each other through ongoing collaborative processes fostered by the Hub.

The experiences and achievements of partners in advancing the role of women in clean energy are showcased at high level international fora, as well as in global, regional and national media, the wPOWER Hub newsletter and website, case studies and peer exchanges.


Coaching and Mentoring

We are developing a coaching and mentorship program to support and enrich the skills of the existing women entrepreneurs.

This new program will involve partnering with practitioners in the sector to roll out post-training mentorship program to existing and new women entrepreneurs that will enhance enterprise growth and sustainability. This program will strengthen the social impact of training programs and integrate the wPOWER Hub’s initiatives more firmly among grassroots women in communities.

The wPOWER Hub and its partners have trained 5,542 grassroots women and youth globally who are now candidates for coaching and mentorship to ensure their success in providing improved access to clean energy technologies.

The coaching and mentorship program will:

  • Promote personal initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset,
  • Enable aspiring women entrepreneurs to build up and run their businesses successfully and
  • Generate positive social and economic impact within their communities.