We build evidence

We make the case that women must play an important role in accelerating adoption of clean energy technologies.

Addressing the issue of clean cooking directly impacts 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Research conducted in Kenya shows that female clean energy entrepreneurs outsell their male counterparts 3:1 and that women with savings invest 45 % more in their businesses than men. These and more data exist to support the case for women’s leadership in clean energy access and in addressing climate change but they are often not consolidated or compellingly presented

The wPOWER Hub will address this evidence gap by building strong linkages with other institutions and partners around the world who are recognized in the clean energy and women’s entrepreneurship sectors.

Together, we will consolidate existing data and also commission new research with the aim of increasing the understanding of why prioritizing women’s entrepreneurship across the entire value chain in renewable energy and climate change is good business.

The evidence will facilitate a shift of mind-set to encourage and promote faster adoption of clean energy technologies after stakeholders experience success with women’s involvement.

Let’s work together:

  • Inform us what gaps exist in making the case for women’s
    involvement in the sector in order to direct research priorities.
  • Share consolidated women’s clean energy entrepreneurship data to inform decisions and actions at local and global levels.
  • Share with us experiences with women’s leadership in the sector to strengthen the evidence base.
  • Express your aspirations for women’s entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector.




We share best practices 

We will replicate and scale up the most effective approaches in women’s clean energy entrepreneurship.

We bring together case studies that showcase the best practices for integrating women into the clean cookstoves, clean lighting and heating and fuel value chains, because we recognize that there are successful training and implementation models worldwide that involve women in central roles across the clean cooking, lighting and heating value chains. Additionally, we will test new innovative ideas through pilot projects that involve women in design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, consumer finance and after-sale services.

Spurring effective implementation through providing access to practical tools and training for practitioners, the wPOWER Hub will accelerate and de-cost addressing gender issues and increase participation of women in the value chain.

Let’s work together:

  • Share best practices, case studies, tool-kits for training, coaching and mentorship and M&E methodologies and business models.
  • Amplify the work being done by wPOWER partners through your networks.





We Advocate

We promote the prioritization, support, and understanding of women’s roles in clean energy entrepreneurship.

Engaging closely with industry players in the national government, private sector and civil society, we increase public awareness of the critical and effective roles women are playing in promoting clean energy access.

Effective advocacy will encourage the industry players to allocate gender-informed global investment to energy programs through different intervention areas. We aim to achieve a more consolidated global voice and platform in support of women’s clean energy entrepreneurship.

Prioritizing women’s leadership in clean energy entrepreneurship is investing in our future

Wanjira Mathai

Let’s work together:

  • Share strategies for engagement in support of the building and strengthening of markets for small-scale clean energy technologies.
  • Promote policy in favor of household clean energy as a result of more women adopting energy entrepreneurship.
  • Advocate for additional funds and resources directed to the sector and institutional investment in women as legitimate drivers of successful clean energy businesses.